Quality Pet Boarding for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
in Old Windsor, Berkshire, South East England

About Us

After having my own rabbits and guinea pigs for the past 20 years, I decided to start up my own rabbit and guinea pig hotel. For many years I have looked after my friends animals for love while they were on holiday, or working away. Now I can get paid for something I love doing. I hope your pets enjoy their holiday as much as you.

Find Us

Priory Cottage church road
Old Windsor
SL4 2jw
Only healthy pets are accepted, Rabbits must be vaccinated against myxomatosis, our Rabbit and Guinea Pig holiday homes are cleaned daily, and disinfected between guests. In the unlikely event your pet should become sick, we have a local friendly vet, however, all costs will be the responsibility of the owner.


£5 per day

Guinea Pigs

£4 per day*

*or £6 for 2 sharing